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Robert C. Jackson (b. 1964 Kinston, NC) worked as an Electrical Engineer for Motorola and then as an Assistant Pastor before settling down to his full-time and fulfilling career as a contemporary still life artist. Robert's artwork can now be found exhibiting in galleries and museums coast to coast. His work can be found at the Delaware Art Museum, Brandywine River Museum of Art, Evansville Museum of Art, History, and Sciences, South Dakota Art Museum, New Britain Museum of American Arts, Seven Bridges Foundation, as well as in the homes of collectors worldwide and in various corporate collections. Robert was also the author of the 2014 publication “Behind the Easel,” which explores the unique voices of 20 contemporary representational painters.


Robert’s work incorporates both comedy and drama through realism in bright colors and an amusing narrative. The subjects within his painting range from balloon dogs to food, toys, books, and other assorted props.


“What’s startling about his work is the sense of mix: of sophisticated and naïve, of high modernist art and 19th century trompe l’oeil and folk art, of witty philosophical mind games and silly popular jokes.  Notably, this is also the sort of strange mix of sensibilities one finds in the best American novelists, such as Mark Twain.” — Henry Adams, Ph.D.,  Ruth Coulter Heede Professor of Art History at Case Western Reserve University


From the Artist: 

"Saying the last couple of years have had a draining effect on people is certainly as an understatement . Sometimes you find yourself sitting at the right place, at the right time.  My art strives for hope, humor, and life (not to say there aren't dark moments and passages). But as people step out from under their clouds and tentatively peek around, my desire is that the art I have been painting for years and years awaits them and offers a warm embrace."

November 29, 2022
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